DIY handbag

You will need 
1 yard exterior fabric
1/2 yard lining 
sewing machine
You can use the left over fabric to make a flap for your handbag and straps
Step 1. Cut out a square shape for the outside of your handbag. You can cut any size you want depending on how big or small you want it and than cut out a piece for the lining the same size as the exterior for the bag

 Next you want to turn the exterior of the bag inside out and sew 1/2 seam allowance for the exterior of the bag and for the lining DO NOT turn it inside out just sew 1/2 seam allowance right sides facing up

 Turn the exterior of the bag on the right side facing up and slip the lining inside the exterior of the bag as seen below. Next you want to fold the hem of the top of the bag to put the bag together. For now you can just pin it down until you add the flap and the straps.
 You can choose to do any shape flap, but I chose this shape. Cut out your desire shape and turn it inside out and sew 1/2 seam allowance leaving an opening to turn it right sides up.
 Once you have completed that you want to add the flap between the lining of the bag and the exterior of the bag and pin it down until it's time to sew it.
 Last but not least you want to make your straps.
 Put the straps on the sides of the bag and pin that now as well. Take it to the sewing machine and sew around the hem and don't forget to back stitch. There you have your own DIY handbag.
I hope this isn't to complicated my goal for all my DIY projects are to make them as easy as possible. Hope you enjoy.
Once you get the hang of it you can start to personalize your own handbags. As seen below!!! These are all handbags that I designed myself!!!