Sidewalk sales and Food trucks what more can I ask for. Last night I attended the Olde city food market and it was nothing but good food, good people, and good vibes. I had so much fun I ran into a couple vintage stores where I found some 1980s sunglasses. Oh yeah btw I'm wearing a Kochic top that can be found on ShopKochic.com and not to mention when I went into one of the small vintage shop the owner complimented me on my top and asked where I brought it from. I was flattered because my sister and I haven't even officially started selling our line and we're already receiving compliments!!!

How Stacked Are You

As we all know Stacked Statement necklaces has been a trend for a while now and stacking necklaces can become a little tricky if you aren't sure how to layer your stacked necklaces, but of course there is no right or wrong way. Down below I found some pictures to show you all some possible ways to stack you necklaces. You can get your pliers and and necklaces and create a DIY with the stacked statement necklaces or you can shop for some.


Tess Van Zalinge

 Meet Tess Van Zalinge based in Amsterdam and graduated from AMFI. I fell in love with this collection, because of the bold color choices and the Dutch and African influenced prints that were used. I also love how the designer went that extra mile to show their use of color by first doing the garment in white and then doing the same exact garment using colors.


Meet Delpozo Madrid Based designer who made a big impact on my life and the runway during New York Fashion week. And the reason why I said he made an impact on my life, because he has inspired me to go back to the Art Museum and continue to draw inspiration from paintings and sculptures for my portfolio. His pieces were inspired by Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot's portrait of a Gypsy woman with a tambourine. I'm in love with these intrigue pieces. There were 40 pieces in his collection and believe me I wanted to put more pictures on my blog, but if you love them as much as I do. You can visit his website or check it out on Style.com